8-22-21_The Infinite Worth of Christ’s Sacrifice_Hebrews 10:11-14

8-15-21_The God Who Sees & Saves_Isaiah 59:14-21

8-8-21_The Lord’s Hand is Not Shortened_Isaiah 59:1-13

8-1-21_God-Centered Religion: Doing the Works of God_Isaiah 58

7-25-21_Earnestly Search for the Wisdom of God_Proverbs 2

7-18-21_God-Centered Religion_Isaiah 57:13b-21

7-11-21_A Religion Without God_Isaiah 56:9-57:13a

7-4-21_God’s Grace Can Reach Anyone_Isaiah 56:1-8

6-27-21_Live a Life of Worship_Psalm 100_ Pastor Brent Butler

6-20-21_God’s Urgent Invitation_Isaiah 55:1-13

6-13-21_A Prayer for BVBC_1 Thessalonians 1:11-12

6-6-21_The Sinner Restored and the City Rebuilt_Isaiah 54:1-17

5-30-21_Rely On The Word of God_2 Timothy 3:15-4:5

5-23-21_The Servant’s Song, Stanza Five-The Servant’s Victory_Isaiah 53:10-12

5-16-21_The Servant’s Song, Stanza Four-The Servant’s Death_Isaiah 53:7-9

5-9-21_The-Servant’s Song, Stanza Three: The Servant’s Sacrifice_Isaiah 53:4-6

5-2-21_The Servant’s song, Stanza Two:The Servant’s Rejection_Isaiah 53:1-3

4-25-21_The Devastating Suffering and the Dazzling Exaltation of the Servant_Isaiah 52:13-15

4-18-21_Weathering the Storm_Matthew 7:24-27

4_11_21_How Jesus Prepared His Disciples

4-4-21_He Is Not Here. He Is Risen, Just As He Said.

4-2-21_Messiah in the Passover_Guest Speaker: Joseph Ryan

3-28-21_Palm Sunday_John 12:12-19

3-21-21_The King Is Coming!_Isaiah-52:1-12

3-14-21_Fear Torments; God Comforts_Isaiah 51:2-23

3-7-21_When God Seems Late_Isaiah 51:1-11

2_28-21_We Have Overcome The World_1John 5:1-5

2-14-21_AKA “The Servant”_Isaiah 49

2-7-21_Do You Know Who I am?_Isaiah 48

1-31-21_Can You Trust God For the Future_Isaiah 46, 47

1-24-21_He’s God and You’re Not_Part 2_Isaiah 45:14-25

1-17-21_He’s God and You’re Not-Part 1_Isaiah 45:1-13


12-20-20_Love Has A Name

12-13-20_What’s the Problem With Idolatry?_Isaiah 44:9-20

12-6-20_God’s Irresistible Grace and Unstoppable Blessings_Isaiah 44:1-8

11-29-20_Not Just Death & Taxes: Three Certainties_Isaiah 43:8-28

11-22-20_Give Thanks to the Lord_James 1:16-17

11-15-20_Perfect Love Casts Out Fear_Isaiah 42:18-43:7


11-8-20_Behold! My Servant!_Isaiah 42

11-1-20_How to Vote as a Christian_Acts1:15-25

10-18-20_The One True God_Part 2_Isaiah 41

10-11-20_The One True God_Part 1_Isaiah 41

10-4-20_How Great Is Our God_Isaiah 40-12-31

9-20-20  When the Prognosis is Grim_Isaiah 38 & 39

9-13-20_Be Like Christ_Pastor Brent Butler

9-6-20 Who Will You Trust_Isaiah 37

8-30-20 Enemy at the Gates_Isaiah 36

8-23-20 Condemnation or Comfort, Part 2_Isaiah 34 & 35

8-16-20 Condemnation or Comfort, Part 1 _Isaiah 34-35

8-9-20   Seven Days of Prayer

8-2-20 Wisdom That Leads to Life – Pastor Brent Butler

7-26-20   Forgiveness Frees Forgivers – Dr. Mark Williams

7-19-20   We’re Going To See The King!  Isaiah 33

7-12-20 The Peaceable Kingdom_Part 2_Isaiah 32

7-5-20_Be Mindful Of What You Say That You May Honor Christ_James 3 1-12

6-28-20_The Peaceable Kingdom_Isaiah 32_Part 1

06-21-20_The Risk of Worshiping Together_Hebrews 10:19-25



05-31-20 God’s Song Isaiah 27

5-24-20  How Pilgrims Make Progress   Isaiah 26

05-17-20_How Will It End?  Isaiah 24-25

05-10-20_What Are You Looking For When You Study the Bible

05-03-20_The Deceitfulness of Riches

04-26-20_Partying When You Should Be Weeping_Isaiah 22

04-19-20_Woe to Those Who Go Down to Egypt_Isaiah 18-20 30-31_


04-05-20_Rejoice the King is Coming_

03-29-20_God Has the Last Word_Isaiah17  

03-22-20_ Judgement With Tears_ Isaiah 15 -16_